The flue duct of the DWPEL product range is composed of double wall of which the inner wall is made in 316 stainless steel thickness 0.4mm and the outer wall in 304 stainless steel thickness 0.4mm. The double wall is injected with mineral wool insulation under high pressure. This composition makes the DWPEL product range ideal for outdoor installations.

The DWPEL tubes are suitable for pellet stoves that work with an open combustion in negative pressure. By using an optional silicone seal ring, they can also be used for positive pressure devices with a condensing combustion up to 200°C. With an adapter, the EWPEL can easily be connected to the DWPEL for the passage from indoors to outdoors.



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  • pelletspellets

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  • pellet stovepellet stove

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  • CE