Years of know-how and solid service

We have put ourselves on the map in 70 years with a specialization in solutions in flue gas exhaust & HVAC applications. Opsinox in three words? Belgian, qualitative and contemporary. As a local player with Belgian production we can keep our finger on the pulse and meet the needs of our customers quickly and flexibly. You can come to us for stainless steel fireplaces: various CLV systems, stove pipes, stainless steel single or double-walled pipes, concentric smoke discharge ducts, as well as for roof caps and customised work.

70 years of experience


research & development

We are constantly looking for innovation and improvement. Our R&D team is working full-time on optimising the existing range and developing new products or applications. As a result, we have a whole range of patented products in our assortment.

We are also an official member of the NBN Committee - Working Group E 166, which is responsible for drawing up standards and guidelines relating to central heating systems and flue gas discharge systems.
Innovations are always done in close contact with our customers, so that an optimal tailor-made solution can be offered. Every problem is a challenge for us, which we take up with great pleasure.

production & logistics

Our range of products in stainless steel (single or double wall), Galva, CLV systems and the patented OTF (Opsinox Triple Flow), CSG and Opsivent systems, is produced in Nazareth (Deinze), at an ideal logistics location near the E17. Thanks to an efficient logistics organisation and a large stock, we can deliver our products quickly and on time.

sales & support

Our enthusiastic sales team is ready for support and advice every day. They know the regions, are active in your area and have relevant experience. The team has a technical background and thinks along proactively with the questions and needs of our customers. Feel free to involve them in the development of a specific project, so they can look for a win-win for all parties.

service & administration

You cannot make a good sale without good follow-up and service afterwards. With a team of motivated employees, Opsinox is always ready to serve its customers. They find it important that you are satisfied with the administrative processing of your orders and will always support you by phone with practical questions.

Our administrative employees have been working for us for several years, which means they have extensive experience and can easily understand the needs of our customers. They are also in close contact with our sales team, so that good communication is assured.

Made in Belgium

production in your own country

Producing locally has the advantage that we are flexible and can react quickly. We retain full control over our production and can switch quickly. We follow up each file strictly and guarantee agreed delivery terms. And that's not all: because we do not work with intermediaries, our prices are correct and competitive.

sustainability through proximity

Sustainability is a flag that covers many things. By producing locally, we minimise transport and thus reduce our ecological footprint. But choosing to produce locally also creates employment and supports the local economy.

Made in Belgium

With opsinox you choose for...

A single point of contact for your file, who will assist you with advice and propose a tailor-made solution.

60 years of experience, you can tell from everything we do. Our employees each have their own expertise and specialisation. Our technical department consists of engineers who closely follow developments and legislation and use this knowledge to propose the right solution.

With us, a word is a word. All orders are strictly followed so that delivery deadlines can be met.

Producing locally means eliminating the middlemen. Therefore our prices are correct and competitive.

In addition to the various standard ranges, we also offer the customer the possibility of customisation.

A Belgian production stands for a quality guarantee. Quality checks are carried out daily in the production department. It is not for nothing that we are ISO9001 certified.

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