Flue gas disposal

You can count on Opsinox for flue gas discharge

The best type of flue gas discharge to choose from depends on various factors. These include the type of heater and appliance, its use and combustion, as well as the location of the flue. Opsinox has extensive experience in the installation of flue gas discharge. Ask our experts for advice and install the best flue that fits your installation. Count on our expert advice and excellent service.


The right flue adapted to your heating system

The flue gas discharge must be adapted to both the heating appliance and the fuel used. This is especially important for high efficiency boilers that use both fuel oil and gas. It is therefore essential to think carefully in advance about the requirements that the flue gas discharge must meet. In addition, each heating appliance must have its own flue gas outlet and therefore cannot be shared.


The GASCO flue system, composed of concentric flue pipes, is specifically designed for the connection of room-sealed gas fireplaces and pellet stoves. In this concentric system the inner pipe removes flue gases, while the space between the inner and outer pipe supplies fresh air for combustion. In this way the entire heating installation is room-sealed.



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