high quality solutions for HVAC and flue gas extraction

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We are a recognised Belgian player in the production of innovative quality solutions for HVAC applications and flue gas extraction. Nevertheless, we would like to tell you a bit more about our company, because through transparent communication, technical support and punctual service, we build a lasting relationship with our customers.

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Opsinox is your specialist in flue and smoke ducts.

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Opsinox is known for quality solutions in flue gas removal. Both individual systems like single wall stainless steel pipes, twin wall stainless steel chimneys,
the traditional galvanised stove pipe or enamelled flue pipes can be found at Opsinox, but also collective systems like a CLV chimney (3CE or 3CEP),
customised projects and connecting pipes. Furthermore Opsinox offers an extensive range of solutions for the connection of pellet stoves (single wall,
double wall and enamelled pipes), chimney renovation (stainless steel flexible liners) and room-sealed gas fires (concentric flues).

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