HVAC solutions

Throughout the years we have specialized in solutions for HVAC. Below you will find an overview of our product range.

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CLV Chimneys are collective systems whereby, by means of aconcentric flue for Combined Air Supply and Combustion Gas Exhaust, several closed heating appliances are connected to one common duct. Equipped with a double channel, CLV chimneys provide both air supply and flue. In this way CLV fire places fulfill a double function.

CLV fireplaces offer many advantages which makes them widely applicable. CLV fireplaces are used for closed systems so no air is extracted from the house and no harmful gases enter the house. This makes CLV fireplaces extremely safe and cost-effective applications.

With their dual function, they are also space-saving and in addition, CLV fireplaces are also very easy to install. CLV fireplaces are therefore easy to use, both in new builds and in renovations. CLV Chimneys are specifically designed for houses and apartment buildings with several connections spread over different floors.

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