Single wall stainless steel

The single wall (EW) product range is suitable for connecting all types of stoves and fireplaces to the flue duct in the chimney. These pipes can be used also for existing chimneys which offer no or insufficient guarantee for the discharge of flue gas.

Besides the standard range, the Opsinox single wall assortment is also available in overpressure (P1) version. The system is then equipped with a high quality sealing, which makes it suitable for applications where flue gas removal is being forced by f.e. a ventilator in the heating device. 


- The Opsinox EW pipes are laser welded longitudinal, which guarantees an absolute

- When installing a chimney it is sufficient to slide the pipes in each other and if wanted to
  finish with a clamping ring

- Due to the principle of the pipes sliding into each other and the clearance provided,
  the pipes can freely expand when heated