HVAC solutions

Throughout the years we have specialized in solutions for HVAC. Below you will find an overview of our product range.

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The Opsinox® DWP1 range includes various types of high quality, double-walled stainless steel flues, which allow the most diverse connections and arrangements to be made. Thanks to our own production in Nazareth (Deinze), we can, besides the standard range, also respond flexibly and quickly to specific requests.

The flue is composed of a double stainless steel wall of which the space in between is injected with mineral insulation wool under high pressure. The connector pieces at the top and bottom of each element are also characteristic, they prevent the penetration of moisture and allow an easy assembly together with the supplied clamping ring (equipped with a simple click system).

The DWP1 line is always equipped with a high-quality seal and is suitable for applications in overpressure and condensing units where leak-tightness is of great importance. Thanks to the variation in available diameters, (central) boiler rooms with both small and large capacities can be connected.

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