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Now available, black lacquered steel 2mm


The Opsinox steel 2mm range is manufactured from 2mm thick black lacquered steel and is suitable for different configurations.

These chimneys are the right choice for the connection in the living room. The flue systems are coated with a new heat-resistant water-based environmental paint. These flues are smooth and have a clean and clean line. Thanks to the smooth finish, a perfect design is obtained for both modern and rustic interiors.

The range includes all the necessary parts for an optimal installation: straight elements, bends, recesses, ... The 2mm ducts are resistant to high temperatures (600°C) and are both colourfast and scratch-resistant.

Thanks to the efficient plug-in system, the installation of this product is very easy.

The steel 2mm ducts are only suitable for indoor connections, i.e. the connection between the stove and the chimney.