What are the advantages of a double-walled pipe?

Because a double-walled pipe consists of two layers, the double-walled pipe can offer several advantages. We discuss a few of them.

Smooth sides

A double-walled tube has a smooth wall on both the outside and the inside. Because of this, a double-walled tube will hold less dirt.

Extra isolating

Because of the double layer, the double-walled tube is extra insulating and can resist high temperatures. Because of this, a double-walled tube can be used in a wide range of applications. For the same reasons a double-walled tube is injected with insulation wool.

Strong seals

With an optional silicone sealing ring, the double-walled pipe can also be widely used for example in overpressure devices.

Great convenience

Furthermore, double-walled pipes are very easy to install, but also the maintenance is very easy. This makes the double walled pipe very interesting to use.

Widely applicable

In addition, the range of double-walled pipes is very wide and can be used for various types of heavier combustion.

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